El sector inmobiliario seguirá creciendo con aumento de ofertas (2)

The real estate sector will continue to grow with an increase in offers

Many of the economic sectors had made their balance sheets and closings of what was last year with results that gave very interesting perspectives, unstoppable commitment that is currently carried as a safe metric to real estate agencies, which, thus receiving with open arms to any foreign proposal to invest!

Paraguay with great real estate progress

Paraguay is a paradise for foreign investors, so much so that it offers many facilities for those who want to start their business on Paraguayan soil. With many markets in full development and rampant growth, real estate stands out above the rest, so much so that it is the best and most profitable market in which to invest money and quality of life. That’s right, it is the real estate sector that with its benefits gives investors a tantalizing glimpse into their future.

El sector inmobiliario seguirá creciendo con un aumento de las ofertas

Expansion areas

The areas of growth in real estate are identified as the Carmelitas, Herrera, Molas López, Mariscal López avenue and the cities of Luque, Fernando de la Mora and San Lorenzo. Likewise, statistics also highlight that in the city of San Bernardino there was an exponential growth and that middle class housing emerged according to the income possibilities, becoming a trend today the 2-bedroom apartments with good location and most of them with terraces for a good view of the great lake Ypacaraí.

Paraguay is currently attractive to foreign investors due to low taxes, a stable currency, which is the guarani in relation to the dollar, as well as solid inflation levels compared to other South American countries, and the lowest tax burden in the region. In detail, the total tax burden is 10% and includes VAT, Income Tax and Personal Income Tax.

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