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Factors that increase the value of a property

“The cadastral value should never be greater than the market value, it cannot exceed the price at which it could be sold.”

Land Value

The cadastral valuation is part of the delimitation of geographical areas that serves to establish the value of land and construction, the first being the determinant to assign a value to a piece of land.

Land value refers to the value of a piece of land before it is built on. To fix it, it is necessary to identify the type of land, whether rustic or urban, since this classification allows the property to be better valued according to the criteria applied in each case. Read more

Evolution of the price of housing for sale in Paraguay

Evolution of housing prices, property offers in square meters for sale in Asunción and Greater Asunción – Paraguay And, since then, it was stated that land prices are more expensive than in other times, but, being viable for interesting projects and investments at the level of reactivation in occupancy in the corporate office market, which increased strongly in real estate management. Read more

Extra expenses to buy a property in Paraguay

How much we want to secure a management to buy a property we must take into account the value of the property to buy it. And we are always left in doubt, if that’s all there is to pay? And we are always left in doubt, if that’s all there is to pay? leaving us in intrigue, then, would you be interested to read some details that seems like a lot but it is the real thing and as it should be Read on!


When buying real estate it is important to take a number of things into account, because it is something to think a lot since it is a single life expense, and high considerable amount of investment to live, and making a mistake in any of the points can lead to a quite serious economic and temporary loss.
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