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Factors that increase the value of a property

“The cadastral value should never be greater than the market value, it cannot exceed the price at which it could be sold.”

Land Value

The cadastral valuation is part of the delimitation of geographical areas that serves to establish the value of land and construction, the first being the determinant to assign a value to a piece of land.

Land value refers to the value of a piece of land before it is built on. To fix it, it is necessary to identify the type of land, whether rustic or urban, since this classification allows the property to be better valued according to the criteria applied in each case. Read more

Home ownership in 2022

The homeownership programs are already a fact this year, with subsidies extended by the Ministry of Urban Development for middle class homes and a new program for those with title deeds.

“The first measure was to extend the subsidy for the construction of housing for middle-class families with incomes between one and seven minimum wages.”

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Neighboring countries see Paraguay with a new business plan

Investors from neighboring countries, see Paraguay with a new business plan, and apply a plan of early recovery, according to their studies, they buy a house of $ 30,000 and recover $ 25,000 monthly. Buying a house in Paraguay can be an interesting, inexpensive, low-risk investment with a monthly return of up to $25,000 per month.

“The real estate business in Paraguay is one of the most attractive, with fiscal stability, low prices and a high rate of return being the main reasons to invest in our land.”

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The real estate sector will continue to grow with an increase in offers

Many of the economic sectors had made their balance sheets and closings of what was last year with results that gave very interesting perspectives, unstoppable commitment that is currently carried as a safe metric to real estate agencies, which, thus receiving with open arms to any foreign proposal to invest!

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Evolution of the price of housing for sale in Paraguay

Evolution of housing prices, property offers in square meters for sale in Asunción and Greater Asunción – Paraguay And, since then, it was stated that land prices are more expensive than in other times, but, being viable for interesting projects and investments at the level of reactivation in occupancy in the corporate office market, which increased strongly in real estate management. Read more

Paraguay, country of sustainable electric energy

Due to the constant development and progress of large investments, Paraguay is establishing itself as one of the regional markets with great potential in the energy sector of the future.

One of the main reasons for Paraguay’s greater energy power, which lies in the country’s renewable resources, is the lack of hydrocarbons. Paraguay has one of the largest hydroelectric potentials in the world. The economy strongly anchored to crops helps generate a perfect scenario for the development and proliferation of a biofuel industry.

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Extra expenses to buy a property in Paraguay

How much we want to secure a management to buy a property we must take into account the value of the property to buy it. And we are always left in doubt, if that’s all there is to pay? And we are always left in doubt, if that’s all there is to pay? leaving us in intrigue, then, would you be interested to read some details that seems like a lot but it is the real thing and as it should be Read on!


When buying real estate it is important to take a number of things into account, because it is something to think a lot since it is a single life expense, and high considerable amount of investment to live, and making a mistake in any of the points can lead to a quite serious economic and temporary loss.
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Paraguay will be the fastest growing economy in the region

The growth estimate after two years of the pandemic, Paraguay will be one of the economies that will grow the most (PIB) in the region for this 2022, although, according to the forecast, it will be well below 2021, according to the annual report Preliminary Balance of the Economies of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL).

“CEPAL projects Paraguay as the second best economy in South America in 2022, with a projection of GDP expansion of 4%”

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Invest in Paraguay

Many investors are unaware of the strong returns offered by investing in Paraguay, one of the most stable markets in Latin America with a recent history of steady growth. This includes an increase in gross domestic product (PIB) of almost five times between 2002 and 2020, even with the pandemic, its economy has the highest growth forecast in the region in 2022, above all Mercosur countries, with similar perspectives. to others at the continental level.

Paraguay has the greatest monetary and financial stability in South America.

In September 2021, the BID president described Paraguay as one of the best countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to do business.

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New value of real estate tax in Paraguay

New Decree

The Executive Branch issued Decree No. 6541/2021, which establishes the new real estate tax values that will serve as the tax base for the determination of the real estate tax and its additional tax for fiscal year 2022. The adjustment made is 7.6% for both urban and rural properties.

This modification worries the real estate sector in terms of the impact it may generate on the final consumer.

The decree dictates that the fiscal values for the year 2022 will be adjusted based on the variation of the Consumer Price Index (IPC), according to data from the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), which in the period of the twelve months prior to November 1, 2021 reaches the figure of 7.6%.

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