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Spain breaks historic record for real estate investment

C.B.R.E.’s Research Department in Spain stated that; the investment volumes recorded in the first half of the year show that the real estate sector in Spain continues to be attractive to investors, even in a changing macroeconomic context. In any case, the volatility in the market will lead us to closely follow the evolution of the investment throughout the second half of the year.

And also, real estate investment in the first six months of the year in the country amounted to 9,870 million euros, exceeding by 80% the volumes of the same period of 2021 closing a first half with the best metrics since records in national history.

A super scale classified in sectors from 600 million to more than 9,870 million Euros.

  • Leading the retail sector, with a sum in excess of 2.9 billion euros, mostly comprising the purchase of 629 branches by the BBVA bank.
  • El sector living o vivienda, ocupando el segundo lugar con un monto superado a los 2.451 millones de Euros, residencias particulares y estudiantiles con piso compartido.
  • The hotel sector, with an investment volume of 1,650 million Euros in local transactions and in foreign tourism.
  • The Industrial and Logistics sector overflowed a record 1,175 million Euros with a large weight in final investment.
  • The office sector, reaching 1,075 million euros, maintained its trend of increasing price magnitude.
  • Finally, the sector belongs to the healthcare sector, with more than 600 million Euros, especially in nursing homes.

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