Paraguay will be the fastest growing economy in the region

The growth estimate after two years of the pandemic, Paraguay will be one of the economies that will grow the most (PIB) in the region for this 2022, although, according to the forecast, it will be well below 2021, according to the annual report Preliminary Balance of the Economies of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL).

“CEPAL projects Paraguay as the second best economy in South America in 2022, with a projection of GDP expansion of 4%”


According to economic growth projections for 2022, Paraguay is among the best prepared countries to face the new year, above all the Mercosur countries, with similar perspectives to others on a continental level. According to CEPAL´s Preliminary Balance of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean, Paraguay would be the one with the best economic performance for this year.

Paraguay cierra el año con una inflación cercana al 7% según el último reporte del BCP, una cifra similar al de países como Perú, Uruguay, México, Chile, pero inferior al cerca del 10% de Brasil y más del 50% de Argentina.