Invest in Paraguay

Many investors are unaware of the strong returns offered by investing in Paraguay, one of the most stable markets in Latin America with a recent history of steady growth. This includes an increase in gross domestic product (PIB) of almost five times between 2002 and 2020, even with the pandemic, its economy has the highest growth forecast in the region in 2022, above all Mercosur countries, with similar perspectives. to others at the continental level.

Paraguay has the greatest monetary and financial stability in South America.

In September 2021, the BID president described Paraguay as one of the best countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to do business.

In 2022, add reasons to invest in Paraguay, to be an investor, to come and live or to have a vacation home:

  • The legal system is very similar to European legislation.
  • Paraguay is one of the least indebted countries with a gross public debt.
  • Paraguay has one of the youngest workforces in the region, with a median age of 26.3 years.
  • Land in Paraguay is a refuge value like gold.
  • Relatively simple immigration procedures and incorporation of companies.
  • Abundant availability of electricity at lower rates.
  • Discovery of important gas and oil reserves in the Paraguayan subsoil.
  • Good weather, sunny and no natural disasters.
  • Abundant water and fertile land for agriculture and breeding.
  • Opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in a high growth country.
  • With the lowest inflation rate in the region.

On the other hand, Paraguay is currently adopting a strong, increasingly international and outward-oriented perspective that encourages foreign investment, and trade agreements between Paraguay, the European Union, the United States, and countries in the region Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

It is a set of stability, lower taxes that favor investment, budgetary rigor, a transparent financial system and a very favorable economic environment, which have created exceptional growth dynamics.

Real-estate market.

Paraguay has one of the strongest real estate sectors in the world, with investment returns often up to 50% higher than in other markets for both buy-sell and buy-to-let investments.

It should be added that these good yields also benefit from a low tax regime and a very simple tax system, with a value added tax (VAT) of only 10%, very low income tax, no capital gains or inheritance tax, and corporate tax capped at 10%.

“The opportunities offered by the Paraguayan real estate market have sparked growing interest from investors.”

Financial security.

It is important to add that in Paraguay there is no history of confiscations or sudden changes in investment regulations, a solid set of labor laws and strict protection of intellectual property, which provides significant confidence to investors.

International financial organizations see the country as a good and safe payer. It currently enjoys permanent international support from multilateral organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union.

Finally, it should be noted that Paraguay is the exception of several Latin American countries with interventionist policies. In Paraguay, large companies and PYME´s are encouraged and helped, it offers numerous opportunities to expatriates and investors, and its society and policy is oriented towards the liberalism.

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