Evolución del precio de la vivienda en venta en Paraguay (2)

Evolution of the price of housing for sale in Paraguay

Evolution of housing prices, property offers in square meters for sale in Asunción and Greater Asunción – Paraguay And, since then, it was stated that land prices are more expensive than in other times, but, being viable for interesting projects and investments at the level of reactivation in occupancy in the corporate office market, which increased strongly in real estate management.


Today, 2022 is expanding the metropolitan area making it more and more attractive properties in neighboring cities exceeding in the capital itself an average value of $ 1,328 per square meter, and in neighboring cities ranging with an affordable minimum of $ 200 to $ 900 per m² in order of distant to close to the capital.

International companies and corporations, as well as foreign investors, have their sights set on any branch of properties to start a business or logistics center according to the area of interest, since there are several areas with different types of profitable activities.

So also for Paraguayans there is profitability, with the average salary is considered to acquire low-cost properties, either in the purchase or rental, as in cases of people from the interior coming to Gran Asuncion to study or work, and vice versa to live or move away from the city.


Regardless of the method adopted and the activities to be carried out according to the type of property subject to valuation, the M.O.P.C. (Ministry of Public Works and Communication) structures its processes in major sub-areas that include:

The background or data collection
Data on real estate prices in the area of influence of the route, including, among others: prices of real estate offers for sale (collected from signs, references from direct persons, real estate agents), prices of real estate sales from current or previous transactions up to a maximum of two years, and reference values managed by institutions dedicated to the industry (Banks, Municipalities, Agricultural Credit, Cooperatives, etc.).

Property survey form
Identification of the informant, location of the property, geographic location and identification of the property, ownership reference, type of tenure, tenure documentation, dimensions of the land, general characteristics of the area, general characteristics of the property and land use.

Land appraisal
Data of the affected party, data of the property, infrastructure of the area, communication routes (public services, growth trend of the area), particular characteristics of the property, unit value, surface area, transfer costs, total appraisal, etc.

Background Homogenization Form
The MOPC uses as a calculation tool, the Background Homogenization Form, which is defined as a value analysis form for processing information and obtaining unit values that will lead to the final Appraised Value.

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