Construction cost in Paraguay

First thing’s first

According to surveys of owners interested in building, the cost of construction in Paraguay calculated per square meter ranges from 2.5 to 3 million guaraníes, without taking into account labor.

Thus, being a bit meticulous and calculating in getting to have a budget resolved at first glance, when there are various conditions that can make a difference in the price of material work involved, whether for a small premises, house, building or company. But that amount based on square meters could not be further from what is speculated. And there are two views mainly where you can see the truth ifyou want the labor and material of the future real estate project of your dreams to progress well.

In case there is a pause, it will be because additional and unforeseen materials need to be added, it is something normal, there always is, taking into account that the work is done by humans and there are errors in calculations or raw materials that become waste. But we must also take into account the notes of totality so that they do not take advantage of this series of additional ones.

Being in an advantageous condition with the workers, you may end up paying with other goals not met, and otherwise, the work should be paused until you acquire enough money to continue, knowing that the times of your work have been delayed and now you have to consider more fees from the contracted staff or construction company.

Construction Cost in Paraguay

Completed work

Once the work is finished and you start living in it, consecutively, depending on the quality of workmanship and material, it will be noticed between dampness, cracks and leaks, that for your house to fit into that budget they ignored from insulation, good quality materials, and executive documentation.

To avoid this, which is the most important thing, you must pursue the process personally or pay someone qualified, so that later you can claim that things are well done under warranty. In addition to the cost of construction and workers’ fees, you have to have set construction taxes, which will depend on the materials you choose.

Here a little calculation

• Currently, the approximate cost in square meters of a work is 3 to 4 million Guaraníes, in material, with an average of 3.5 million Guaraníes (between $500 and $600 USD).

• The construction tax based on Law 135/92 Art 30° with classification according to Law 881/81 Art 34° and reporting on co-ownership in Law 677/60 on horizontal property is also attached.

In InfoTerra Paraguay Real Estate We have medium and large construction companies as allies, which together we take care of with the owner in his desire to project a work or apply to one already in plans, thus, to have his comfort either from his country, being a foreigner, commissioning us of constant notification, progress and document management, or from the comfort of where your future home or business is waiting without having to worry, just Contact us and we will be advising.

Invest in Paraguay

Many investors are unaware of the strong returns offered by investing in Paraguay, one of the most stable markets in Latin America with a recent history of steady growth. This includes an increase in gross domestic product (PIB) of almost five times between 2002 and 2020, even with the pandemic, its economy has the highest growth forecast in the region in 2022, above all Mercosur countries, with similar perspectives. to others at the continental level.

Paraguay has the greatest monetary and financial stability in South America.

In September 2021, the BID president described Paraguay as one of the best countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to do business.

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