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Construction cost in Paraguay

First thing’s first According to surveys of owners interested in building, the cost of construction in Paraguay calculated per square meter ranges from 2.5 to 3 million guaraníes, without taking into account labor. Thus, being a bit meticulous and calculating in getting to have a budget resolved at first glance, when there are various conditions […]

The supply of real estate projects in Paraguay

The supply rush in real estate purchases in Paraguay increased exponentially in recent years to create various projects or businesses. This phenomenon is due to the prosperous development of the economy and tempting currency for foreigners. How is this market developing and what are the most surveyed locations? Read more and we will show you!

Factors that increase the value of a property

“The cadastral value should never be greater than the market value, it cannot exceed the price at which it could be sold.” Land Value The cadastral valuation is part of the delimitation of geographical areas that serves to establish the value of land and construction, the first being the determinant to assign a value to […]

Home ownership in 2022

The homeownership programs are already a fact this year, with subsidies extended by the Ministry of Urban Development for middle class homes and a new program for those with title deeds. “The first measure was to extend the subsidy for the construction of housing for middle-class families with incomes between one and seven minimum wages.”

Spain breaks historic record for real estate investment

C.B.R.E.’s Research Department in Spain stated that; the investment volumes recorded in the first half of the year show that the real estate sector in Spain continues to be attractive to investors, even in a changing macroeconomic context. In any case, the volatility in the market will lead us to closely follow the evolution of […]

Evolution of the price of housing for sale in Paraguay

Evolution of housing prices, property offers in square meters for sale in Asunción and Greater Asunción – Paraguay And, since then, it was stated that land prices are more expensive than in other times, but, being viable for interesting projects and investments at the level of reactivation in occupancy in the corporate office market, which […]

Paraguay, country of sustainable electric energy

Due to the constant development and progress of large investments, Paraguay is establishing itself as one of the regional markets with great potential in the energy sector of the future. One of the main reasons for Paraguay’s greater energy power, which lies in the country’s renewable resources, is the lack of hydrocarbons. Paraguay has one […]